Fractured Perspectives: Movement and Light

This is another related research to this project, in which we display our fractured selves through a multitude of platforms and take on different versions of our identities from mothers to activists to shameless self-promoters.

In our media-saturated society we experience a new type of fractured reality, made up of multiple converging perspectives and identities that play out in virtual and physical realms. Traces of ourselves and others become ghostly whorls of past, future, and present times. In Fractured Perspectives: Movement and Light we explore these fragmented realities through integrating improvisational movement, 360 camera technology, multiple traditional cameras, tangible props, artificial intelligence based painterly abstraction processing, and processed vocal soundscapes.

This research published on Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2017) by Shannon Cuykendall, Steve DiPaola, Reese Muntean & Prophecy Sun, see the paper from here.

Categories: Art, Installation